CNC Machining Parts material suppliers



CNC Machining Parts the Professional Supplier based aluminum alloy , stainless steel.

Professional to cut 45 degree like solar frame system.

CNC Machining Parts manufactuer by CNC machine with high grade Tec.

Raw Material:

Aluminum Alloy: AA6063,AA6082, AA6061,AA7475, AA7075,AA2014,AA2017,AA1200


Stainless teel: Grade 304,Grade 316

Steel Alloy:Q235,Q345,16Mn,42crmo,35CRMO ,1Cr17Ni2 ,4Cr9Si2 1Cr16Ni35

ZG30Cr20Ni10 ,ZG35Cr26Ni12 ,GCr9SIMn ,100crMn6 ,SUJ2 ,100CrMnSi64,SCM421

18CrMnMoB,42CrMo,20CrMnTiH,65Mn,55Si2Mn, Cr12MoV , 3Cr2W8V

Thickness: 2-6mm,recommend:4mm
Width: 1000-1575mm,recommend: 1220mm,1250mm,1500mm
Length: maximum 5800mm,recommend:2440mm,3050mm,4050mm


Aluminum Alloy  Panel Physical Parameter

Testing item



Unit weight ASTM D792 T4mm=5.5kg/m2
Thermal expansion ASTM D696 24-28
Thermal deformation terperature ASTM D648 115℃
Thermal conduction ASTM 976

Flexural regidity

ASTM C393 14.0*10∧5
Impact resistance
ASTM D732 1.640 kgf
Adhesive strength
ASTM D903 0.77kg/mm
Flexural Elasticity
ASTM D790 4032kg/mm2
Shear resistance ASTM D732 2.7kgf/mm2
Fire propagation ASTM E84 QUALIFIED
Wind-pressure resistance ASTM E330 PASS
Properties against water ASTM E331 PASS


1.Weather-resistance:Superior weather-resistance and ultraviolet(UV) resistance, acid-resistance and alkali-resistance, suitable for all natural environments. It can be guaranteed 15 years without change of color, its temperature range from-40 to 80;
The fully automatic coil coating process is computer controlled throughout all the stages. Coating quality is tested according to the standards established by the ECCA . The long-term durability of coatings can be compared by measuring
·Color change ·Gloss retention ·Chalking
2.Economic:The ACP use high quality aluminum sheet and plastic core, it's light to transport, saving the project time.
3.Light weight:No pollution, is green building decorative material; Can be easily processed and installed; Light weight, good
strength and flexibility;

4.Environment: Superior aging resistance, no coating change, no pollution, anti-acid, and anti-alkali, solvent resistance.
5.Color:We can provide 50 kinds of color for your choose. but any color and size are available according to your need.
6.Strength:The ACP use high quality aluminum, has greatly enhanced the strength of ACP, ensuring that the curtain wall wind pressure resistance, prevention of leakage, and the shock effect.
7.Surface smooth:The fire-resist ACP provide superior and smooth surface, satisfying the modern building on the pursuit of high-perception. The ACP's surface is much more smooth than aluminum sheet.


45 degree cutting

Drilling, Milling, Coloring.


Andoizing black